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Hardwood Floor Installation


Transform your room into something truly special with professional hardwood floor installation services. Our dependable pros combine years of experience and advanced technology to provide a superior product that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time. We make sure you get an easy, reliable service every step of the way – from beginning to end – for complete customer satisfaction! Get ready to be amazed by our gorgeous floors and speedy results today!

hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing


With hardwood floor refinishing, you can give your home a timeless touch of beauty and bring rooms back to life. Refresh an outdated look by restoring its classic vibrancy or make it new again with the modern charm. Not only will this process revitalize tired floors for years of enjoyment — but is also budget-friendly way upgrade spaces in style! Let’s take advantage today and start bringing out their natural elegance now!


Custom Staircase Installation


A staircase is the centerpiece of any home. Let experienced craftspeople take your interior design to new heights with custom stair installations! From pine to oak, our installers only use top-tier hardwood materials for a beautiful and timeless addition that will last you years – all faster than you can say “Luxury!” Get ready for elegance and precision in less time when working with premium craftsmen: A finished product guaranteed to make every step worth taking!

repairing wood floors

Hardwood Floor Repair


Does your home need some rejuvenation? Get ready to experience the transformation with our hardwood floor repair services! From deep scratches and fading that can dull a room’s appearance, to buckling boards creating discomfort – we’ll revamp any wooden surface into something bright and beautiful. In addition, give character to any space by upgrading those floors with unique custom designs such as herringbone patterns or diamond parquets – combine different species of wood for an original look that adds flair & value while boosting comfort in equal measure.

protect hardwood floors

Recoating Hardwood Floors


Bring your hardwood floors back to life with their top-notch refinishing and recoating services! Their experienced team inspects each floor then crafts a custom plan that will perfectly fit the needs of every wooded surface. Options range from light sanding for freshening up existing finishes, all the way through resurfacing so you can create exactly what you envision in terms of style and look. Your new finish is guaranteed to stand strong for years as MPS Floors provide industry leading workmanship on all projects. Experience their expertise today – revive your old wooden surfaces tomorrow!


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